Securing Wins: G2 Recognizes Hide My WP Ghost with 19 New Awards for Fall

🎉 Hide My WP Ghost is on a roll this fall!

Can we get a virtual high five 🙌 for landing not one, not two, but a whopping 19 new awards from G2?!

Look at this, our trophy cabinet’s getting chunkier and shining a bit brighter today, and it’s all thanks to YOUR amazing feedback and reviews.

Curious about the fresh new badges adorning Hide My WP Ghost this fall? Stick around, and let’s dive into all the sparkling details together.

Double Down on Security: Hide My WP Ghost Leads in G2’s Fall 2023 Reports

The G2 Leader badge is synonymous with excellence and is reserved for companies that consistently receive high ratings from real people voicing their thoughts on G2.

So, we’re proud to share that Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly has also earned the much-coveted Leader badge among its new awards! Oh, and did I mention we scooped this up in both the Website Security and Small-Business Website Security categories!?

Full List of Awards Hide My WP Ghost Earned from G2 this Fall

Each award is a nod to our relentless commitment to provide you, our amazing community, with an effective and easy-to-use security plugin that adds an extra layer of protection against common attacks.

While we’re throwing confetti over the Leader badges (because, c’mon, they’re a big deal), each and every award in this list holds a special place because it signifies a unique way we’ve made your digital world safer.

Your insights, your feedback, and yes, even your tough love, have made Hide My WP Ghost the G2 award magnet it is today! 🧲🏆 And for that, another round of virtual high fives are in order! 🙌

  1. Leader (Website Security)
  2. Leader (Small-Business Website Security)
  3. Easiest To Do Business With (Website Security)
  4. Easiest To Do Business With (Small-Business Website Security)
  5. Best Relationship (Website Security)
  6. Best Relationship (Small-Business Website Security)
  7. Best Usability (Website Security)
  8. Best Usability (Small-Business Website Security)
  9. High Performer (Small-Business EMEA Website Security)
  10. High Performer (Small-Business Europe Web Security)
  11. High Performer (Small-Business EMEA Web Security)
  12. High Performer (Small-Business Americas Website Security)
  13. High Performer (Small-Business Americas Web Security)
  14. High Performer (Europe Website Security)
  15. High Performer (EMEA Website Security)
  16. High Performer (Americas Website Security)
  17. High Performer (Europe Web Security)
  18. High Performer (EMEA Web Security)
  19. High Performer (Americas Web Security)

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