Squirrly SEO (Newton): Rank Higher with the 1st AI-driven, Holistic SEO Assistant

AI-driven, holistic SEO assistant.

Squirrly SEO: Newton is the first “AI-driven, holistic SEO assistant” that simplifies complexity, making it the go-to solution for business owners and entrepreneurs.

SEO is complex because Google wants it to be (and let’s be honest for a moment: it needs it to be).

Remember a few months ago when everyone tried to game the FAQ schemas? – they figured it out and removed them.

In 2024, SEO is not a one trick pony anymore. SEO can be completely NOT overwhelming at all if:

1. You don’t (yes, do not) do SEO the right way and focus only on meta tags or getting rich snippets for the site. Or any of these: “I need to do only one thing approaches.” – it won’t be overwhelming, but it won’t help you either. Good luck ranking like that.

2. You use the Next SEO Goals feature from your Squirrly SEO, and only work on what’s needed, when it’s needed, using exactly the tools it tells you to use. – which is the smart way of working on your SEO, backed by real data, not guesswork and weird luck.

The goals are tailored to each site and set of focus pages you choose (for real; many claim this, but they don’t have any system in place).

And then you get to be walked through all the complexities analyzed by Focus Pages (which take you from basic SEO to actual Holistic SEO, so you can use the full force to your advantage). However, with Next SEO Goals you’ll be able to fully focus on the next step that drives bigger rankings.

The people who were successful with Squirrly SEO have used the Next SEO Goals to work on what matters (because our systems analyze data from WP and also from many of our cloud services). Some of them have even gone through the 14 Days Journey to learn more about SEO.

They have chosen option number 2.

When you look at this table, where you see that your version of Squirrly SEO does a lot more than Ahrefs (for the usecases we target), SEMrush, Yoast, Rank Math, it may feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be if you start working with the AI Consultant we’ve built.

You can use Squirrly SEO on easy mode or on hard mode. It’s up to you and your skill level.

But don’t worry: using it on easy mode will get you plenty results. Once you learn more about SEO, you’ll be able to use more of the tools inside and make more customizations.

It’s SaaS+plugin. Our plugin loads fast, and the real heavy lifting is done by our company’s servers, not yours. Doesn’t matter if you don’t use one of the tools right now. It doesn’t cost you “compute” – I hate that term, but it’s so fresh.

In the beginning: stick with the Next SEO Goals and if you’re a bit more advanced work on your Holistic SEO with Focus Pages and focus on turning red elements to green.

That’s how you win. – Focus Pages is the way, once you get to know Squirrly SEO better. Ranking Vision AI powers its Chances of Ranking score, and I think it’s the only AI of its kind.

What do you think about it?

We won’t decide to trim down the features, because that would not be good for our users.

If we only offered few tools like the others do, I’m certain we’d get more users faster, it would be a lot cheaper and wouldn’t require so many engineers, we’d have clearer messaging and all that marketing fun stuff, but that would also mean we wouldn’t provide the maximum level of help we can provide, which goes against everything we believe in.

Write us your ideas here, directly in the WordPress forum.

Login. Create new topics. Let’s talk about it.

We’ll only read it there.

The Full Force of SEO – that’s the motto for Squirrly SEO: Newton. I believe that anything below that is a disservice to our users.

I like trimmin’ down them fruit trees, but I wouldn’t do that to software that proves it works better and better each year.

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