The Squirrly Team: Meet Andreea

Once upon a time (London, United Kingdom, 2012) the squirrlyans embarked the SEO ship to travel to lands far away (over 90 countries) and spread content marketing secrets to every kingdom. Do you want to know more about them?

Andreea helps us stick to our Core Values of Delivering Happiness to our Customers. She loves Carcassonne, music and big fan of Digital Marketing Superstars program.

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Meet Andreea. She is our VP of Marketing. She does her job very well and she is fearless. In her spare time,  she is very busy being Florin’s better half. And there’s also David. That sweet little angel who obviously looks entirely like his mother. Keep reading to find out how she copes with her everyday life, her baby and her Squirrly.

The Squirrly Team: Meet Andreea



Daniela is a friendly person who is always eager to discover new things. Everyone thinks she is funny, but she doesn't see herself that way. She loves cooking, travelling and sometimes she wakes up in the morning thinking about world domination.

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