Understanding the Reality Behind Direct Selling

Direct selling is a concept based on the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers. It is a marketing channel which takes many forms such as one-on-one demonstrations, internet sales and other personal contact arrangements.

A textbook definition of direct selling would be presenting it as ” the direct personal presentation, demonstration, and sale of products and services to consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs.”

Did you understand it? Us neither. So let’s explain it better so that we can all get a grip of it.

How does direct selling work?

It refers to the selling of goods through one-to-one approach and other organised, but still informal activities. Remember the nice lady who comes every Saturday morning to sell you hand creams or shampoos? Yes, this is what she does. No, she is not her own boss. The chief in this sort of activities is the main distributor of the goods.

There are other scenarios through which direct selling works. Another powerful tool they have in their arsenal is the phone. Sometimes, it is easier to solve problems over the phone. It takes the edge off faster so you’ll most likely buy something.

The scenario is pretty simple: you dial a telephone number and a very pretty lady comes with a suitcase containing many samples. You call your friends, gather at your house and try out the products. In the end, you buy what suits you the most.

Why is everyone so interested in this marketing channel?

For you, as a customer, it seems like direct selling is the best form of buying things. You can try them first and make sure they are good for you. But as far as the retailer is concerned, it could seem like there are more disadvantages to it than benefits.

direct selling

This industry covers every field from cosmetics to electronics. Every seller needs to find his own original way of promoting his product, to attract attention and earn money at the end of each day. But the scheme does not always work, mostly because of the fear of failure which takes a person’s mojo off. It is true, this job is not for everybody. Which is why recruiting is the key to success for this marketing channel.

The bottom line is this: direct selling is growing more and more everyday, not only because of the attention it gets, but also because of the principles it promotes.

Many companies specialized in direct marketing today emphasize education about a particular topic, taking the focus off the sale and onto having fun. Similarly, person-to-person demonstrations of products provide an opportunity to try products, talk to a knowledgeable salesperson and get personal service that only comes through this marketing channel.

In the end, the business is gaining more and more loyal customers by the minute and that’s what is really important. If you want to become either a customer or a salesperson, do some research, see if it fits you, and sign up today!