Which plugin to use for WordPress SEO, Yoast or Squirrly?

15 Apr 2016
| Last update: 22 Jun 2017

[Update: You can read more about this topic on Quora.com]

You can use them both, that’s for sure. Squirrly has been built to work with Yoast and All In One SEO.

Yoast and AIO SEO are good for the basic SEO on your site: the things that are about the SEO structure of the site. We offer those functions for free as well, but if you already have them setup in these plugins, just use them.

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Squirrly is a paid plugin, and there’s a good reason for it. Here’s a break-down of the main elements of the software and it would cost if you had them from other providers.

The power of Squirrly comes from:

1) Keyword Research (which impresses Neil Patel 10 Time-Saving Blogging Tools You Need To Use) (worth $68 / month :: keywordtool . io). In our tool, you can search for specific markets, not just by using data from google.com, you can do Google.com . br or any other.

2) SEO Audit, which is one of the most craved for element of our All-Inclusive solution. It gets data about your site, shows you what you need to fix and how to improve your visibility score. (worth $49 / month :: woorank . com)

3) WooCommerce SEO , which is amazingly useful for ecommerce WordPress sites. (worth $79 at Yoast Woocomerce)

4) Instapage SEO , which is the only such thing on the market. Instapage is the best landing page creation software we’ve ever used, but they lack SEO on their WordPress deployments. Thus, we’ve taken care of it. It’s the ONLY SEO plugin that works with Instapage.

5) Google GEO Rank tracking for all your pages. What? This is a crazy and really solid benefit you get from using the Squirrly plugin. (worth $99 / month over at GeoRanker) You can use it to track pages for your very own specific country: Spain, Russia, you name it. It will show you the exact position in Google of the page for your search engine location. You can set any location you need to track.

6) On-Page Optimization for Search Bots and Human beings on all Your Pages, Articles, Landing Pages, Products. You get feedback from our Live Assistant as you’re typing your content. You will always know when it’s 100% human and SEO friendly, so you can publish with peace of mind. (Worth over $200 / month at Inbound Writer).

7) Social Media Metrics for each page, product, article. Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (YES, Twitter! The same api and great stuff thatMashable uses these days, after Twitter removed counts from their own API), Google Plus, LinkedIn. You will get to see your top performing channel for each Article. Amazing value! (worth $99/month at BuzzSumo if you tried using their tool for these details).

8) Inbound Metrics straight from MOZ. We pay a lot of money to bring you these. Just check their API pricing. To get this sort of details in your wordpress it would cost you $99 / month.

9) Content Marketing Lessons (worth $197 over at Udemy.com)

See? The value of using Squirrly SEO Plugin for WordPress comes from these 9 strong points that ONLY we offer to the WordPress community.

The Squirrly All-Inclusive SEO way is $20 / month for the PRO package, as opposed to $700 / month if you purchased all these tiny bits from the other providers.



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