3 Cool Ways WordPress SEO Plugins Help You Blog Better

Are you particularly geeky about a subject and want to start a blog? To ensure your content is top-notch, you need to know how WordPress SEO plugins can help.

Whether you write about puppies, electronics, sports, or history, it doesn’t matter. Considering 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, SEO should be your top priority.

If you already have a blog, don’t worry! It’s never too late to learn about which plugin features are most useful for your website. Here are three such features that you shouldn’t be missing.

wordpress seo plugins

[sqcta text=”Make Your Posts Human-Friendly” type=”bullet”  color=”yellow” cnt=”1″]

Remember the dreary essays they made you write in high school or college? Paragraphs that never seemed to end, ideas that repeated themselves, verbosity… The works.

How would you feel if you went on your favorite blog and had flashbacks to when you had to read those boring essays?

We wouldn’t want that either.

What does it mean when your content is human-friendly? It means it is not optimized to be found by search bots. After all, you want humans to know about your services and excellent content, not bots.

It also helps if your article isn’t stuffy. But “stuffy” is a pretty subjective word, isn’t it? What works for your uncle who’s in his sixties may not work for your teenage cousin.

What if there was an app that could tell you exactly what’s wrong so you can better yourself?

Squirrly’s SEO Live Assistant does just that.


Here’s an outline of what the plugin can do to aid your writing:

  • It makes sure your articles are the right length for your keyword density. People will no longer click on your article and decide to leave because it looks spammy;
  • It also ensures they’re long enough that they can get over to Google News;
  • Makes it easier for people to find you on Google by helping you write a great introduction, relevant to the rest of the piece;
  • Remember the repetitions in your school essays? Squirrly’s SEO plugin doesn’t like them, and neither do your readers. It will tell you when you’ve repeated a keyword too many times.
  • Of course, it also suggests synonyms for those times when you just can’t avoid repeating an idea;

[sqcta text=”Use WordPress SEO Plugins to Rank Higher” type=”bullet”  color=”yellow” cnt=”2″]

Writing better isn’t just about using powerful adjectives and pompous wording and calling it a day. You need to make sure your readers are comfortable with reading your articles.

It also helps if people can find your website when they google a particular keyword. I’m assuming you don’t want to keep your blog to yourself.

WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast and Squirrly SEO help you optimize your content for this purpose.

wordpress seo plugins

As you can see, this plugin helps you find the best keywords to use in your article. Look for keywords that trend highly and have low competition.

That is how you guarantee a higher chance your articles will be found. Keywords that trend “steadily” are searched for regularly.

This feature also tells you that interest for that particular subject is not that high at the moment. Make the best use of the Keyword Research and Analysis tool and find a keyword that works for you.

[sqcta text=”Customize Your Google (Meta) Description” type=”bullet”  color=”yellow” cnt=”3″]

Chances are you’ve googled something on your favorite subject. Don’t you hate it when the result description suddenly cuts off? What if it’s not what you’ve been looking for?

Now you’ve just wasted time clicking on an article about Internet cookies when in reality you’ve been looking for a cookie recipe.

Of course, that’s an exaggeration. But take this search for “facts about squirrels” as an example:

wordpress seo plugins

The Fact Site/The List Verse made good use of their meta description.

Are you more likely to click on their site presenting facts you (probably) didn’t know? Or will you click on the others, those that present pretty common knowledge?

I mean, who doesn’t know that squirrels “are small and have big eyes and bushy tails”?

Still not convinced? Let’s put it another way:

You’ve written an article about robots. Does your meta description tell the reader something boring like “robots are made of metal”? Or does it contain an awesome snippet which can attract their attention?

Give your readers an interesting summary of what they should expect by editing the descriptions with WordPress SEO plugins. All in One SEO, Yoast and Squirrly plugins all have this capability.

wordpress seo plugins


So what did we learn today?

  • People want articles that are human-friendly;
  • How you can take advantage of Google to gain more visibility; people don’t mind finding relevant information easier;
  • Everyone wants websites to get to the point and present what they’re about without beating around the bush;

Sure, you can do all of these things by yourself. But why waste so much time when there’s so much to write about? So much content that your audience isn’t getting?

Download Squirrly’s SEO plugin for free and get a powerful software to do half the work for you! Alternatively, you can click here and find out more details about its capabilities.

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