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Florin Muresan

Google Analytics Complete Setup

The first thing to think about is: (think about the answer and then solve each number in the exact order that we define. Don’t skip steps if you haven’t completed them!!!) Do you already have a Google Analytics account? – […]

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Florin Muresan

The 4 Types of Duplicate Content

1. Duplicate content across your pages Duplicate content across your pages happens when you have the same page or the same blog article repeated multiple times on many different URLs of your website. Let’s say you have an article called: […]

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Florin Muresan

Direct 1, direct 2, direct 3, indirect

Types of keywords that you can include when doing Keyword Research:  Direct 1 Keywords (something general like: social media tool) Direct 2 Keywords (keywords that show strong buying intent like: buy social media scheduling tools) Direct 3 Keywords (based on the Keyword […]

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