150 Brands Using Squirrly Social

05 Nov 2018
| Last update: 08 May 2020

We now have 150 brands using Squirrly Social to manage their social media. This is super exciting.

Squirrly Social is our latest product added to our Squirrly Software Universe. It was launched on 24th October 2018. The tickets were sold out in a flash. The Live Event was a success.

150 Brands are using Squirrly Social

It’s great to see how many marketers feel the same way about our brand new Squirrly Social. And the best part is you can use it in any industry you may operate in.

We have brands in the furniture industry, medicine industry, high-tech industry, travel agencies, real state agencies, accountancy agencies, stand-up comedians, business directors, marketers, even personal accounts. So many different areas, and for all of them, Squirrly Social is like the Flash:  a speedster superhero.

We have brands which are solo (operated by just one person) and we also have teams (multiple people working on the same brand: designer, social media manager, blogger, marketing manager, etc.).

All 150 brands have found the true value of Squirrly Social (which is speeding up your social media management process) and this makes us happy. There is no bigger achievement than this: create a tool that makes people work easier. We are proud that we helped 150 brands in just few weeks from the Big Launch.

Irina, one of our best writers in the agency, wrote this article for you: Squirrly Social – The Only Social Media Management Tool You’ll Need. Allow yourself 5 minutes to read it and get ready to be charmed by the power of our speedster, Squirrly Social.