A Quick Update Regarding Claiming Game Prizes

03 Aug 2022
| Last update: 02 Sep 2022

We know many of you have played our games (thank you for that!), especially the Content Marketing Game from our site… and you’ve won different prizes!

I am writing this update, because there are still some of you who need to claim the software and books they won, so I hope you will find this information helpful.

  • when winning and getting the reward chest, CLICK ON IT;
  • it will take you to Gumroad, where you can download the PDF for each reward;
  • Open and Read the pdf. The first few lines contain instructions on what to do to get access;
  • most of them will instruct you to send out an email using an Exact Subject Line. 🚨Please make sure that the subject line you write matches the one mentioned in the file you received.

Our teammates will check for the exact form, while filtering the in-coming emails.

đź’™ We love giving out these rewards!

Rewards include: Squirrly SEO PRO, ContentLook, Starbox PRO, 10,000 Visits Premium Course, Twitter Mentions, Speedy Content Book, Content Marketing Mindset Book, Age of Startups: Legends, and we hope everyone can get to enjoy them.



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