Updates to Customer App You Should Know About

Customer.digitalpackglobal.com – is a customer portal (customer app) meant to provide a new and improved experience for those who buy one or more of the many SaaS and products that we currently offer.

With it, the entire experience of owning software from the Squirrly Company becomes much easier.

To learn more about it, I encourage you to also check out this article on our blog.

Just like we are constantly working to improve the many products available inside our Squirrly Store for Entrepreneurs, we are consistently making changes to improve your experience of using the new Customer App.

Here are some of the latest improvements you should know about:

  • Changes to account creation process;
  • Automated login after account creation;
  • We can now send Perks in bulk to all clients who have a certain class of products. Based on their access levels;
  • Fixed the experience for reaching customer service channels for each individual product that a user purchased;
  • Fixed the experience for reaching the Login of each individual product that a user purchased;
  • Fixed the experience for seeing each individual License and Subscription;
  • Fixed the experience with seeing License Stacking where relevant;
  • You can now easily request new Squirrly SPY reports from the Customer App, without having to go through checkout experience again.

Plus, we’ve also improved the workflow and UX of gaining your 100% custom In-Store Credits, once you join the Customer App.

You are now able to reach the in-store credits received after new account sign up, automatically after the verification link is clicked.

The Perks section (shown in the image below) can easily be spotted once inside the Customer App, and we will continue using it for In-Store Credits and for other special promos we will have for our loyal customers.

There’s More Coming Soon…

You will soon be able to see all new Invoices for A L L products you purchase from the Squirrly Company, directly in the Customer App.

Is there anything else that you would like to be able to do inside the Customer App moving forward?

If you have any suggestions or feedback you’d like to share, drop us a comment below!

We love hearing from you. 😉