A Tale of Two Podcasts

At Squirrly, we’ve got two podcasts we’ve been growing for quite some time.

Do you have a podcast?

Did you ever think of starting one?

Paul, who is my co-host on the podcasts, will walk you through how podcasts evolved side-by-side with blogging and why the first time that podcasts came around, they were a failure.

What changed in the meantime to make podcasts actually find their place in our hearts? Also: what makes podcasts nowadays bring enough ROI to their creators?

You will find out in one of the three panels that Paul will have during our Ten Years Event.

6-7 December. Paul’s presentation will be live and then we will also have re-runs, inside the Customer App, during those two days of the event.

Get your ticket right now, to make sure you won’t miss out.

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In Other News:

  • all the other Black Friday deals are jealous of what we’ve announced.
  • there will be a whole presentation on personal branding and how to use your personal brand to grow your business. Cristina, our brand manager, will be in charge of that.
  • you’re going to have Premium Pass access at zero cost… for two whole days during 6-7 December 2022.

Get Your ticket to find out more.

And One More Thing:

Those who join the Event, will NOT only get Two Days Of Premium Pass access to Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly… if they also interact in the Live Chat sections with members of Squirrly, they will also receive many of our premium software.

Event attendees will chat in the live chat. The more engagement they build, the more questions they ask … the more prize drops we will release inside the live chat sections of the Three Rooms we will have.

There will be a presentation and a Live Chat inside each of the rooms.

All of these will be inside the Customer App (which you will get when you claim your ticket – if you don’t already have it.)

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