[Save the Date] 6-7 December 2022

📌 6-7 December 2022:

⏰ Starting 2 PM, London Time (convert here automatically to your timezone):

Keynote of the Ten Years of Squirrly Event, where Squirrly’s co-founder and CEO, Florin Muresan, will walk you through the biggest moments and the biggest wins we’ve achieved for our 18.900 paid clients along the many years we’ve been in business.

Please keep reading, because everyone in all timezones will be able to watch the keynote, so you won’t miss anything you’d love to watch. You will get your chance!

Then: Starting 2:30 PM London Time, something big will happen:

  • All Three Rooms will open.
  • 3x LiveStreams will take place, all at once
  • Members of our audience (only those who get their tickets; the tickets don’t cost anything, but they are required, as we will limit the seats), will be able to choose which presentation to attend at any given hour.

In the 3 Rooms we will keep streaming non-stop. We’ll try to accommodate all timezones during the two days of the event.

Important to know:

  • the presentations (live streams) marked with “Live Now” will have a Live Chat section where event attendees will chat in real time with our team
  • during the “Live Now” presentations, we will drop premium software from Squirrly. How do drops work?
  • online event, so all three Rooms will be open inside the Customer App (aka customer center)
  • re-runs will be marked as “Re-Runs”, so that you know it’s something that was already seen during the event and which already premiered (and had Q&A session + Prize Drop)

We will make some of the “Live Now” presentations happen at hours which are great for the United States and some of them for Australia, so that we give everyone amazing opportunities.

It’s why we encourage you to join us.

27 Seats are still available.

It’s the best time to ask us your questions, tell us what you need to see inside every single software from Squirrly, inside our podcasts, etc.

Our speakers will teach you many things about growing your business online.

The speakers will also walk you through using the many upgraded and updated tools we offer (we expect to present demos for 15 of them).

It won’t be solely about products we created for you. It will also be about helping you grow your business with amazing advice.

New Launches:

  • New Product Hunt Launch that will be awesome for our community (happening on the 7th of December 2022, during the event)
  • New Product Announced, that will take your content marketing to the next level (Beta and then Premium Access is granted by our current Black Friday offer)

We’ve worked very hard to bring you this event. We can’t wait to have you with us!

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