9 Hassle-Free Ways to Promote Your Blog Post Like a Pro [Infographic]

According to some bloggers, it’s better to spend 80% of your time promoting content, and only put 20% of it intro creating it. That’s definitely one school of thought we can get behind, as there’s no point to creating excellent content if nobody is going to see it. That’s something we can actually help you […]

Lesson 8 (Advanced): How to Run a Content Audit of Your Site – FREE Template

Hey there, Can you believe we’ve reached lesson eight already? It’s time to push things even further! You now have the skills needed to employ more advanced methods to get better results from your content. Of course, many webmasters and site owners automatically assume that their site content is on point and does not need […]

Lesson 7: How to Keep Your Focus and Act on Data That Really Matters

Render, measure and get results. Every marketer’s dream, right? Or at least this is what most of them picture themselves like. Always in control, always in charge. But then reality kicks in and you have to remind yourself that your job is quite the challenge. Perform miracles out of dead figures? No biggie. At first, data […]

Lesson 6: How to Assess the REAL Impact of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Welcome to Lesson 6! This lesson is all about keeping track of your email marketing campaigns by focusing on the metrics that really matter. It was important to approach this topic, considering email marketing is a staple of online marketing, and marketers’ affinity for it has not diminished. And who can blame us, right? It’s […]

How to Get The Most Out of Google Analytics

Every website owner has to be able to precisely analyze their content’s performance, regardless of its type. In that case, there’s mostly just one solution: Google Analytics (GA). You’d be amazed how many aspects it can track! And does it for free. You don’t need to pay anything – except attention to the following lines. […]

Lesson 5: Here’s How Squirrly Uses Teamwork to Achieve Solid Results

Building a powerful marketing strategy is going to define its success. At the same time, you can’t create a strategy without putting together a team. The dream team, if you will. Each and every member will have their set of skills which will contribute equally in an environment where you strive to achieve solid results. Rock […]

Lesson 4: The Secrets of Turning Data Into Actionable Insights

So you’ve created great content by working like a passionate and dedicated human. Work, work, work! That’s great and you should be proud. But what is the first thing your content is generating? Data. Lots and lots of data. Just take a look at your Google Analytics and you’ll be able to see all sorts […]

Lesson 3: Make the Audit An Ally to Your ‘Better Marketer’ Quest

Welcome back! Ready for a new round of growing knowledge? We sure are. And our squirrels as well – except they only grow strong teeth to gnaw at their nurturing hazelnuts. Oh, wait, are we talking about “strong”? Then, it’s time we ask a question: how strong do you feel about your marketer skills? Or, better said, […]

Lesson 2: Let’s Dive into the World of Content Marketing Campaigns

Good to see you back! We hope Lesson 1 had you like : I think you’ll agree when I say creating content is quite the adventure in itself. It is fun, it enables you to share ideas, but the real deal is making the most out of it. That’s when the whole process becomes rewarding. When you see people react, bring […]