Innovation Month 2022: And a Sneak Peek at the Latest Innovations from Squirrly

When you invest in your success, we invest in your success. We’ve raised over $2 Million USD from our large community of paying customers and invested it in the technology which powers our entire world of world-class products for entrepreneurs.

We’re constantly working to deliver new innovations that make your life easier. We are innovation-driven and love everything that has to do with this. In fact, we even had a special event for Innovation Month in February 2022.

It started with the idea of doing something great for our customers during Innovation Day on the 16th of February 2022.

But then we moved on to do a lot more.

The clients who got in touch with us last month, managed to get some really nice deals and also some really nice trials for our latest innovations:


We’ve heavily improved our processes and we’ve allowed clients to start with $800 USD for their first month, just to see how much we can improve their websites.

You can learn more about RankJumps here >>

Focus Pages Method

Thanks to feedback from our community, we made new ways and new processes for getting backlink data into Focus Pages.

Learning Assistant in Education Cloud PLUS

Select few clients already got access to try it out with our teams. You can learn more about ALL the exciting new features coming to Education Cloud PLUS here >>

SERP Checker by Squirrly

We’ve helped clients who got in touch with us to ask about the Business Plan with a great way to get started with the advanced analytics and SERP checker powered by Squirrly’s cloud.

Customers DigitalPackGlobal

A few of our clients already had the chance to test the experience of using this great client portal, where they can see A L L their licenses and subscriptions + downloads + Squirrly SPY reports.

Here’s how this portal can benefit you as a Squirrly customer:

If you have 12 subscriptions with the Squirrly Company, for example, no matter for which products, you will be able to see them inside Customers DigitalPackGlobal.

The Full release is happening soon and will be distributed to all our clients, once we finish the final phases of client testing.

Reaching out to us is always a great idea!

Customers who reached out to us to learn more about our innovations as part of the Innovation Month special event got access to some great deals from us – and the chance to be among the first to test out some of the innovations we’re about to roll out soon.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we love hearing from you!

Also, remember that you can always follow more announcements and updates on our #SQROAD feed on Twitter.

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