Why Learning from the Best is the Only Way to Truly Excel

There’s only one thing to consider:

– Do you want to learn marketing you can apply to your own business from a web guru who’s never really grown a Company before?

– Or do you want to learn from someone like Neil Patel, who presents good things, but let me tell you: he doesn’t write his blog posts, he is the chief and multiple people, including StonePress make his content marketing. He does not.

Or: (because there’s always something better) do you want to learn from instructors who have been practicing their craft for over 9 years, driving growth for the very same company, over hundreds of inbound marketing campaigns?

This is the thing to consider. Which will it be?

It’s always best to learn from those who teach you exactly what works for them in real life, after running campaigns and bringing results.

You’re learning about AI from us, and we are Leaders in AI, and you’re learning Digital Marketing from us (especially inbound) and we’ve only ever done all the kinds of digital marketing MINUS the advertisement side.

With $0 USD spent on Google Ads and Facebook ads, or ads at tradeshows, etc. we still drove these results.

And now you can learn from our instructors:

We’ve made many improvements to Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly Limited and you can find 10 new AI courses inside to help with reskilling and upskilling to generative AI technologies.

We started with just 6 courses. Now we’re at 52 courses total with over a thousand lessons inside.

Building a company that only does inbound marketing (no ads), and grows from 0 to over $4 Million USD on its own, requires many skills:

  • SEO- Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Tons of business knowledge
  • Social Media
  • Conversion Rate Optimization, so as to maximize every single visit we get
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Using AI to streamline marketing tasks

and more.

Luckily, I’ve built an incredible team, who grew alongside us. Some are for more than 8 years already with the company, some 9, and some since day 1.

And luckily for you, they are also Instructors inside Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly, so you’ll get to learn from people who actually know what they’re doing.

You also get my course on validating ideas and building digital products that make money from Day 1. — I’ve done that with 29 products I’ve built and sold worldwide. Now, you can learn from my MasterClass and 51 other amazing courses taught by our instructors and also by me.

In each course, you will get to learn from the experience of someone who did something successfully, not from web gurus who never had any results, but know how to make people believe them.

You can check out the ‘Authors’ section and read more about each PRO teaching you, with a free account. Make an account if you want to try the platform and reach the Instructors section.

9,328 monthly and yearly subscriptions sold by my team through the inbound campaigns we’ve created.

Most SaaS companies will never reach that number.

Almost no SaaS company will never reach that number without ads.

Also, my team doesn’t teach ads, because we haven’t done it.

However, we have also done e-commerce and many internet-based projects. We haven’t been “standing around” these 12 years.

And if you’re thinking: are the people at Squirrly really marketing PROs? – here’s my answer for you:

The fact that our instructors aren’t as popular as Neil Patel? – let me tell you: he doesn’t write his blog posts, he is the chief and multiple people, including StonePress make his content marketing.

What we’re teaching you is based on our own experiences and what worked.

I don’t believe a NON-PRO would have ever generated over 700,000 leads and many other amazing campaigns we’ve done over the years.

So, yes. Industry PROs.

We have lots of in-house experience and we’ve worked with hundreds of clients at our Agency and RankJumps (which aren’t reported in our main sales numbers and subscriptions sold).

You can go with wayback machine (search them on Google) and see the Squirrly official site over the years.

You’ll see that we were very successful with the Agency side and even now, we still have too many clients in RankJumps (which makes it hard for us to take on new clients for the Full SEO Agency we have).

Our instructors are also the leaders on the projects that get done on the Agency side of things. If we’d start reporting those numbers, those numbers would be a lot bigger.

700,000 leads is just what our Instructors have generated for the Squirrly Company and it does NOT include all the thousands we got for clients working directly with our teams.

Our best knowledge is on Education Cloud PLUS, waiting for you.

You have goals to smash, a business to grow, and a legacy to build. Let’s make it happen together.

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