Listening to Our Audience’s Voice: How To Become a Better Marketer

Our Better Marketer Giveaway has almost Ended. Just 4 Days Left. We received so many entries that it makes our hearts melt. It’s awesome to see that so many people love us and share our passion for online marketing.

And let us tell you this: Your voices have been heard. We’ve heard them loud and clear.

We’ve asked you to share your ideas about how to become a better marketer. Your answers were… WOW!

You guys understand how important it is to learn constantly, and it’s obvious that every single one of you wants to become a better marketer.

In fact, we liked your answers so much that we decided to share them with others too – and show you that you truly are our greatest inspiration.

Some of you may have already seen some of these answers on Twitter. We would have liked to include all of them in this article, but there are so many of them (and none of us are getting any younger).

Still, you can check all of them on Twitter under the #bettermarketer hashtag.

For now, we’ve compiled some of the best answers you’ve submitted into a mini-guide full of tips that any beginner marketer can use.

Tips & Tricks: How to Become a Better Marketer (as told by the amazing community that joined the Better Marketer Giveaway)

Step 1: Get started by understanding the importance of research and analytics

“The power of strong opinion & original research–that’s how I can become a #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Kris Adamik ‏ @KrisAdamik

“Learn to leverage the data. #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” FragDog ‏ @roncrowley

“Traffic is nice but revenue is better #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Vit Komkov ‏ @vitkomkov

“Constant training and understanding of new trends is key to becoming a #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” GiftedBranding ‏ @giftedbranding

“Being a better marketer means analyzing what we have done wrong before and remarketing by improvising it! #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Sameer Manas ‏ @sameermanas

Step 2: Be willing to give new blogging strategies a try

“Crystal-clear Positioning and Splendid Content #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Michael M. Rumpf ‏ @maremiru

“Planning is probably my best tip to becoming a #bettermarketer. Think of the end goal and prepare content to direct traffic via @SquirrlyHQ” Duane Reeve ‏ @DuaneReeve

“Write your best content and use the right tools to become a #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” David Hartshorne ‏ @davidhartshorne

“More quality content brings more quality readers #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Frank Schwarz ‏ @thefrankschwarz

“Create awesome content and promote it like crazy #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Monique ‏ @moniquebdesigns

Step 3: Always keep your readers in mind

“Creating and maintaining a lasting and valuable relationship with your readers is the best way to be a #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Sound Over Mind ‏ @SoundOverMind

“Only if your stories make sense to others, you will find followers. Make their vision yours! #sensemaking #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Harald Dietrich ‏ @haralddietrich

“Show your readers that you appreciate them. #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Frank Schwarz ‏ @thefrankschwarz

“Growing an engaging Community that supports your Business Values will make your Biz stand out #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Are Morch ‏ @AreMorch

“Become a #bettermarketer by making your key customers the heroes of your stories @SquirrlyHQ” Laurie ‏ @tweetinglaurie

Step 4: Optimizing your content is essential as well

“Better marketing starts with OC/DC Optimizing Content for Discovery and Conversion #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Paolo Euvrard ‏ @vietwebdesign

“Optimize for the right marketing objectives #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Bogdan Livinti ‏ @reputatiaonline

SEO your posts/pages and share everywhere ask friends/followers to share too #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Costa Rica Retreat ‏ @CRRetreat

“Build/Create a quality product/content Optimise & Channelize Be patient #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” DomainStack ‏ @DomainStack

“Optimize your efforts towards achieving your marketing objectives/goal #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” NILANJAN SEN ‏ @nil_sen

Step 5: Understand your customers

“Find where your prospects & customers are…what they want, their pains…offer solutions to help them #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Nkeci Blake ‏ @konadtt

“Pick up the conversation your client is having in their own head. Answer their questions before they ask them.#bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Dave Streen ‏ @Go_PDR

“Listen to customer needs and pay attention to what is not said. Gold is found beneath the surface. Become a #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Kemya Scott ‏ @MissKemya

“Quality business comes from quality referrals. Look after your clients by underselling and overdelivering. #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” David ‏ @Webinate

“Human responses to connect with customers #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Richard Riche ‏ @oneclearmessage

Step 6: How to become a better marketer? Get inspired and be an inspiration 

“Never assume you’re done learning or making mistakes #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Generate Solutions ‏ @JenSolution

“[Write plenty! Make sure people know about you and what you do – and what you stand for] #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” John wood ‏ @Jw_triathlete

“Engaging, writing, following, commenting, having model figures to get inspired, learning from the wise ones #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Rain ‏ @RainDaSom

“Be supportive and helpful – share, inform and educate #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Jeremy Freeman ‏ @bamps

“Do More. Connect More. Fear More. Experience More. Learn More. Repeat. #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” Sorin Amzu ‏ @SorinAmzu

Many of you found our products to be very important when it comes to helping you become better marketers. There’s no greater reward for us. We are very proud of you and we thank you for your support.

“Your journey to becoming a #BetterMarketer starts with @SquirrlyHQ. Enter their huge giveaway here.” Jay BaerVerified account ‏ @jaybaer

“When it comes to learn new stuff of seo, @SquirrlyHQ is the best place that makes you #bettermarketer” Juned Saiyed ‏ @zunedseo

“Use Squirrly to learn how to market brand. Read Squirrly emails, tutorial videos to become the best marketer #bettermarketer via @SquirrlyHQ” SSD and You ‏ @SSDandYou

These are just a few of the “How to become a better marketer” voices. There are so many others out there. We want to hear all of them. Keep writing to us using the #bettermarketer hashtag on Twitter.

Your Voice Is Important to Us!

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