Prize Drops with the Premium Version of Hide My WP Ghost tomorrow

Tomorrow, you will be able to claim the Premium: Hide My WP (premium security plugin; 1 site; 1 year)

🎁 🎉There will be 3 opportunities tomorrow. Be the first to follow the instructions to claim the premium version.

– You will receive the instructions on the page you will click. They will revolve around sending a tweet, a secret code (which you will get from the page) and a hashtag.

The first one of you who sends the message after reading the instructions (and gets all the instructions right) will win the prize.

See an example here from someone who qualified and was the first to claim a different prize in the past.

🏆So, on the 8th August 2022:

– (2 PM, London Time): we will do a Prize Drop in our Store for Entrepreneurs

– (7 PM, London Time): one on our Official Twitter profile

– (11:30 PM, London Time) one on our group with Resources for Entrepreneurs

And thanks to your curiosity, our friends from the ChiefContent magazine will also give you one for reading this article.

See the prize drop here. It’s a good way to prepare for the ones we’ll have tomorrow.

You now have 4 chances to go premium.

🏆Go to each place mentioned above ^^, at the specified time. Click on the page of the Prize Drop to get the code and the instructions. Follow the instructions and win Hide My WP Ghost for one year.

It’s that simple.

Other terms and conditions for the Prize Drops made by the Squirrly Company (creators of Hide My WP) are here on this page.