Squirrly SEO: Discover 8 Months of Updates & Fixes in One Epic List!

It’s official! Half of this year is already behind us.

As we’re entering the second chapter of 2023, we wanted to take some time and bring together, in ONE GIANT LIST, all the improvements we’ve made to our SaaS and WordPress SEO Plugin, Squirrly SEO.

As you will see from this huge list, both the Cloud App (which you use to optimize websites NOT built on WordPress) AND the WordPress Plugin have received many updates and fixes in the past few months.

We will do a Developers Update video soon, but until then feel free to explore the list below and see all the exciting changes we’ve made to Squirrly SEO in the past eight months.

Starting with: November 2022.

πŸ“… MONTH: November 2022

  • Fixed – Correct the frontend buffer to work with other plugins better
  • Fixed – Update the RoleManager.php to load only on plugin activation to allow the possibility to change the capabilities in user roles
  • Fixed – Fixed the 404 Redirect when no default URL is given
  • Update – Added compatibility with WP 6.1
  • No more local searching for inner links, to avoid using the client’s server during calls
  • Better API calls from and to the website, with improved cloud services
  • Fixed – Update the Google News to take the last 2 days from each post type included in the feed as requested
  • Fixed – Ranking to not show duplicate URLs
  • Fixed – Sitemap to not include relative redirected URLs that are not valid
  • Fixed – UnitPriceSpecification in JsonLD for WooCommerce products
  • Fixed – Correct the frontend buffer to work with other plugins better
  • Fixed – Focus Pages > SEO image to check only the filename and not the image path
  • Fixed – Don’t show tasks in Assistant for inactive features
  • Fixed – Increase security and remove unused functions from older versions of Squirrly SEO
  • Fixed – Show the correct notification text when requesting a new SEO Audit after an hour
  • Fixed – Broken help URL https://howto12.squirrly.co/wordpress-seo/
  • Fixed – Wrong number of params when calling loadMedia function
  • Update – Inner links counting in Focus Pages – new methods
  • Update – Frontend SLA script for Bricks Builder
  • Update – SLA to check the reusable divs in the posts/pages
  • Update – Added new hook “sq_post_videos” when receiving the videos for social media snippet
  • Update – Added new hook “sq_post_images” when receiving the images for social media snippet
  • Update – Added the Semrush Ranking score in SEO Audit
  • Update – Added the option to send any post type from Automation to Google News sitemap
  • Update – Updated the design of Sitemap, so that Publisher, Title, and Date of article modification will appear, as it does in Google News (info-wise)
  • Fix – Make sure the keywords from Briefcase are shown correctly in research, history, and suggested page
  • Fix – Don’t load SEO Snippet on frontend when AMP is detected to avoid compatibility errors with the AMP plugin
  • Fix – load SEO METAs late on AMP pages for compatibility with AMP plugins
  • Update – SEO Audits page to show the number of pages present in the audit
  • Update – Style for the Sitemap News using sitemapnews.xsl
  • Update – SLA compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder
  • Update – SLA compatibility with Zion Builder

πŸ“… MONTH: January 2023

  • Official Release of Squirrly SEO: Peaks
  • Update – Updates to our Crawlers
  • Update – Briefcase search for unlabeled keywords

πŸ“… MONTH: February 2023

  • Updates to the main Overview UI, to understand the Private SEO Consultant Better
  • Update – Added the IndexNow feature
  • add a β€˜nofollow’ link attribute on a link-by-link basis
  • Updates made to – META tags for Open Graph
  • Fixed – Small compatibility bugs
  • Update – Change the plugin toolbar & notification bar to load the view correctly.
  • Update – The URL token to be assigned on connection to Cloud.
  • Update – The CSS and JS loading time to work well with builders
  • Update – Add the Video option in Squirrly Automation for Products
  • Update – Add the County field for UK and US in Rich Snippets
  • Fixed – Improve the cached pages when crawled by Squirrly SEO crawlers
  • Fixed – Ranking link in Briefcase
  • Fixed – Multilanguage WPML sitemap to avoid duplicate language URLs
  • Fixed – Audit compare tasks popups to show the exact data from each audit
  • Fixed – Removed Google Fonts and replace them with the local Noto Sans fonts
  • Fixed – Squirrly logo to appear more clearly in the settings and SLA
  • Fixed – URL search in Add New Audit Page and Add New Focus Page
  • Fixed – Search timeout in Add New Audit Page and Add New Focus Page
  • Fixed – Keyword Research timeout improve
  • Fixed – Live Assistant more images loading issue
  • Fixed – Briefcase Keywords encoded non-breaking space
  • Fixed – Loading the homepage search in Bulk SEO
  • Fixed – UI in Keyword Research
  • Update – Compatibility with PHP 8.1,8.2
  • Fixed – Sanitization to allow chars like [ & ] in the title and description
  • Fixed – Load the Archive Sitemap based on Automation settings
  • Fixed – Bulk SEO to show all Posts and Pages
  • Update – Add Google Indexing API (if GSC is connected) in IndexNow and submit the URL to Bing, Google, and IndexNow

πŸ“… MONTH: March 2023

  • Fixed – Better custom post-type detection in frontend
  • Fixed – Initiate the Title and Description in Frontend for all builders
  • Fixed – Remove duplicates from Sitemap Categories
  • Fixed – Search page to prevent PHP error when the post is not detected
  • Fixed – Snippet redirect for deleted posts
  • Fixed – Sitemap to not show the error on News sitemap
  • Update – SLA for Thrive Architect
  • Update – Google News link with the updated Google News location
  • Update – Connect GSC and GA buttons in Focus Pages to go to the Connect Tools page and check the connections
  • Update – Focus Pages to show the correct notification with the nofollow outbound links
  • Update – Add the option to add No Follow and Sponsored to any link in the Elementor editor
  • Update – Add the option to add No Follow and Sponsored to any link in the Classic and Block Gutenberg Editor
  • Update – Add disconnect option in Squirrly SEO plugin for logged accounts
  • Fixed – Detecting the custom post types when there is a multiple post type case
  • Fixed – Post update on Cloud when the post is saved on WordPress
  • Fixed – SLA Frontend to better detect the Title and Description changes in builders
  • Fixed – Sanitization to exclude shortcodes from Title and Description when the chars [ & ] are present
  • Update – add sitemap_index.xml in sitemap to match the other SEO plugins’ sitemaps
  • Update – API Call parameters when multiple URLs are sent with Indexnow
  • More technical improvements to different services of Squirrly SEO and to the way we store and display changes
  • Many updates to the systems which allow us to provide Keyword Research
  • Many updates and re-iterations for the systems that power: SERP Checker by Squirrly, Focus Pages, and the Audits
  • Changes to Briefcase, to make keywords load faster when users have big collections with many labels
  • Filter Option in Briefcase to only show keywords that haven’t been labeled yet

πŸ“… MONTH: April 2023

  • Update – Fixed SEO import error from Yoast plugin
  • Update – Add in SEO Live Assistant: New keyword, not researched in Briefcase, can now be added manually
  • Update – Fixed UI style
  • Update – Focus Page notification when a page does not exist
  • Update – Add the AI Assistant info in Squirrly > Overview
  • Fixed – Update the plugin language based on WordPress user language
  • Fixed – Remove the space in Squirrly Sitemap and increased compatibility with other plugins and themes
  • Fixed – Briefcase keywords encoding in SLA for better identification
  • Update – Frontend buffer loading for compatibility with other SEO plugins
  • Update – Add the filter in Briefcase to show the keywords without labels
  • Update – Increased plugin security & compatibility with PHP 8.2
  • Update – Improve the daily SERP Checker service
  • Squirrly Compatibility with Beaver Builder

πŸ“… MONTH: May 2023

  • Update – Video Schema

Squirrly SEO automatically checks at Save Post action if there is a Video inside the content. If there is, then it will automatically add the Video Schema for it, as an extra to what already exists.

  • Update – Automatically Adding Video Schema to All Previous Pages in a Site Which Had Videos Inside the Content of the Page.

You will need to re-install the current version of Squirrly SEO, using the option we provide inside (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=sq_seosettings&tab=backup#tab=rollback).

After that, from SEO Automations you can set for the PAGES post type to also include Video Schemas.

This will help you automate the placement of the video schemas, even on older pages.

If the page has video -> then schema for video will be added. Otherwise -> the code for video schema won’t be added, to avoid errors in GSC.

So you can fully automate the placement for your video schemas. The video schema will be added to the schema already made to the page (in case there is a video present on the page).

  • Update – New Crawling Servers
  • Update – Cleaning Data sent to Ranking Vision to account for periods where Crawlers haven’t worked properly and haven’t generated complete info
  • Update – Re-writes for the Crawler Servers

πŸ“… MONTH: June 2023

  • Update – Shows You the Number of Hits and the Last Access Date – for Redirects
  • Update – You can Disable / Pause any Redirect for the Time Being
  • Update – Options to Make Your WP Media Library Get a New Tab Where You Can Search for Copyright-Free Images from Pixabay
  • Update – Squirrly Free Images – In Your WP Media Library
  • Update – All Features Section of Squirrly SEO – Toggle 404 Monitor OFF / ON
  • Update – All Features Section of Squirrly SEO – Toggle Redirect Manager OFF / ON
  • Update – Redirect Manager – Added Option to See a List with ALL Types of Redirects filtered
  • Update – Redirects Manager -> Settings Section
  • Update -Redirects Manager -> Import Section
  • Update – Redirects Manager -> Logs Section
  • Update – Redirects Manager -> Rules Section
  • Update -Redirects – LOG Redirects – Toggle OFF / ON: LOG HTTP Header
  • Update -Select the number of days you want to keep the log for.
  • Update – Can Select Between 5x Types of Redirect Types
  • Update – Redirect Changed Paths: Multiple Types, and can do multiple selects at once.
  • Update – Toggle OFF / ON: Redirect Broken URLs (use to prevent 404 pages)
  • Update – Toggle OFF / ON: Keep a Log with all the Redirects
  • Update – Toggle OFF / ON: 404 Monitor Log
  • Toggle OFF / ON: Default Ignore Slash
  • Update – Toggle OFF / ON: Default Ignore Case
  • Update – Option to Set Default Redirection Type
  • Update – Explanations in UI for the 3x Types for Redirect URL Matching, so it’s easy for users to know what to choose
  • Update – 3x Types of Default URL Matching for Redirects
  • Update – Toggle ON / OFF: Track Redirect Hits
  • Update – Toggle ON / OFF: Use Redirect Cache
  • Update – Import Redirects From: WordPress Core (slug changes)
  • Update – Import Redirects From: Yoast SEO
  • Update – Import Redirects From: SEO Press
  • Update – Import Redirects From: SEO Framework
  • Update – Import Redirects From: Squirrly SEO
  • Update – Import Redirects From: Quick Redirects
  • Update – Import Redirects From: Rank Math
  • Update – Import Redirects From: Redirection WP Plugin
  • Update – Import Redirects From: All In One SEO
  • Update – Import Redirects From: Eps 301 Redirects
  • Update – SEO Beginner | versus | SEO Expert Mode in the Redirects Manager
  • Update – Feature to Export the Redirects
  • Update – Bulk Actions for the Redirects Manager
  • Update – Search function for finding important redirects you need to verify
  • Update – Posts Redirects -> to manager
  • Update – Slug Changes Redirects -> to manager
  • Update – Custom Redirects
  • Update – 3 Types of Filters for 3 Types of Redirect Rules
  • Update – Manager and Panel For ALL Redirect Rules
  • Fixed – Country ranking check issue for countries with Google prefix “com.” & “co.”
  • Fixed – Show notifications in Squirrly SEO when limits are reached
  • Fixed – z-index style of Media Library for Frontend editor
  • Update – Added more countries and languages on the Google Ranking section
  • Update – JSON-LD schema autodetects video schema on post/page
  • Update – Loading CSS and JS function to load js dependencies in the frontend
  • Update – New Snippet layout using hooks for each section
  • Update – Compatibility with WP 6.2.1
  • Fixed – UI small bugs
  • Fixed – Crawler server to load the website faster
  • Fixed – Show Rich Snippets Profile info on Dublin Core and OG when it’s selected as global showing in settings
  • Fixed – Prevent showing the white space at the beginning of the sitemap
  • Fixed – Add language slug on home URL for TranslatePress plugin
  • Fixed – Frontend SLA for Thrive plugin javascript warning
  • Fixed – Feedback & Cloud Disconnect option on uninstall
  • Fixed – Sitemap to not include data: image from post contents
  • Fixed – Sitemap to load the archive on post type when the category archive is not added in the sitemap
  • Update – Search post query in Squirrly SEO Focus Pages, Bulk SEO, and SEO Audits to work with the Theme Incubator
  • Update – Frontend SLA to work better with Media Library and detect the Title in Elementor when a text is changed in H1
  • Update – Compatibility with Polylang & TranslatePress plugins
  • Export redirects in CSV
  • Update – Add SLA in Beaver Builder frontend
  • Update – 301 redirect dashboard
  • Update – Redirect Manager
  • Update -Option to import Redirects from Rank Math
  • Update – Β·404 monitor
  • Update – Redirect options
  • Update – Foundation and Big Revelation in SEO – created for new users as a Course. It helps with getting all the first steps right. it makes it incredibly easy to learn what to focus on to start seeing results.
  • Update – Support Brizy Page Builder

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Stay tuned for the upcoming Developers Update video, where we’ll take you behind the scenes and give you an even deeper understanding of all the amazing progress we’ve made this year.

You won’t want to miss it!

But while we’re getting that video ready for you, we hope this list has already given you a glimpse of the incredible dedication our team has poured into making Squirrly SEO the best it can possibly be.

And there’s still plenty more to come!

With half a year left, we have a bunch of exciting updates lined up for you.

So, I want to remind you of the main resources we’ve created to make it easy for you to stay in the loop, share your valuable feedback, and actively participate in shaping the future of Squirrly SEO:

Keep track of the exciting new features and enhancements we’re currently working on by checking out our roadmap.

It’s the perfect place to stay updated and see what’s in the pipeline. You can also vote for existing ideas, join discussions with fellow users, AND even contribute your own suggestions.

Visit our blog to delve deeper into the new features we release and gain access to valuable tips and additional resources that will empower you to achieve greater success with SEO.

Plus, you can also check out the #SQROAD hashtag on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the latest events, announcements, and updates related to our products.

We’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us, and we can’t wait to unveil more exciting news in the coming months.

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