Education Cloud PLUS: The Journey Here, What’s New, and What’s Next

You have helped us shape up one of the most rewarding pieces of software we’ve ever built.

Our team has a long history of falling in love with teaching and spending more time in teaching and training users, than we do in customer acquisition.

Building up Education Cloud PLUS, with all the content, all the formats: text, html, pdf, audio, video, on all screens and devices, has been amazing for us.

I’m happy 6,300 users now go to our platform to learn new Digital Marketing Skills. 1,000 of them are Premium Pass members.

In 2022, we’ve created the biggest updates yet to the SaaS.

Yes, Education Cloud PLUS is a Software as a Service in the EdTech space, because it has many features and options that help students learn better and faster.

We went from offering a huge collection of courses (with over 500 lessons inside!) to an EdTech solution that helps you find what to learn next.

In the past, we taught over 139,000 students via email courses. After a while, we decided to build the “Netflix for Marketing Education”.

In 2019 we opened the doors to Education Cloud PLUS by Squirrly and we had just 6 premium courses inside. Free Pass members had 3 courses each month they could take for free. The courses got switched by rotation.

We worked on more courses and on making the platform better.

– we went from 6 courses in November 2019 to 19 Courses in October 2020.
– then we went from 19 courses in 2020 to 27 courses in October 2021

… and then …

– 41 courses in May 2022.

We’re very dedicated to increasing the value of Premium Pass.

At the end of March 2022 we released the biggest platform update yet. UI and UX were changed and we brought some amazing functionality to users.

We love the courses inside, but we felt like we really needed to create tools inside that help you learn better, whenever you have time and on any device you find yourself using at any given time.

The March release was not a one time thing. This August, we finished our current release schedule and there are many more exciting features and ways to learn inside, than we had during the March 2022 launch event.

🔥 Recommendations Engine (Learning Assistant)
🔥 Cards and Decks Learning Experience
🔥 Learning Journeys
🔥 Custom Learning Plan
🔥 My List
🔥 Continue Learning and Progress
🔥 Quizzes
🔥 Filters, Discover, Author Section


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