The Squirrly Team: Meet Cristina

Once upon a time (London, United Kingdom, 2012) the squirrlyans embarked the SEO ship to travel to lands far away (over 90 countries) and spread content marketing secrets to every kingdom. Do you want to know more about them?

I am aContent Creator
Avid branding enthusiast, content creator, and proud teacher on Education Cloud PLUS.

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Meet Cristina. Cristina is the mother, the father and the sister of our famous Squirrel. She is the Creator Designer of our agency. She makes sure everything looks good, and that our image is always flawless. Keep reading to find out her darkest secrets.


The Squirrly Team: Meet Cristina

Daniela is a friendly person who is always eager to discover new things. Everyone thinks she is funny, but she doesn't see herself that way. She loves cooking, travelling and sometimes she wakes up in the morning thinking about world domination.

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