What an Insightful SEO Competitor Report Looks Like (Free Access)

In a video published on our Get Growth channel (you can subscribe here if you haven’t already), I’ve shown you a FULL tutorial for identifying important bits of strategy from your competitors.

Today, I’m really excited to show you the best Google Drive folder ever.

Includes many Squirrly SPY reports generated for all sorts of websites from INC 500 to smaller eCommerce sites.

See it here.

Within the Google Drive Folder, you’ll get to see just how different the reports are from site to site, from competitor to competitor.

This is invaluable because it will help you solidify everything you started learning from the video.

Now, here’s the video again in case you haven’t watched it yet.

The great value you will get by watching this video:

  • find out how SEO experts look at websites
  • what goes into evaluating the current SEO of a website
  • a clear template for a report you can apply time and time again
  • you can do everything on your own and I explain how

Once you finish your first report for a competitor, you will want to check out more competitors. And you’ll know exactly how to do that yourself.

Now, practice makes perfect. It will be a lot easier to learn how to create these reports yourself, by seeing more reports that we have created.

Here are the other reports in this Google Drive Folder.

I’ve also written an article where I share the Ultimate SEO plans I use when getting customers to work with our agency. (I mean: used to, because these days we only offer software products and trainings). You can check it out here.

All the presentation is super effective because potential clients get to see exactly how they can go against their competitors. Makes everything easier to understand.

In your case, it will help you better plan your SEO, so you may want to check that out as well.

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