It’s in the Cards! See What’s New in Education Cloud PLUS

Remember when we asked you to choose what you want to learn?

Well, you guys really came through and cast your votes for the next set of cards and decks. ✋

(*the voting went down in our official Facebook Group. If you haven’t joined yet, now’s the perfect time to hop on board!)

Today, I’m here to let you know that a brand new set of Cards and Decks is now available inside Education Cloud PLUS.

The topic? It’s the one that received the most votes: “Website Optimization Terms Every Marketer Should Know.”

In the world of website optimization, things move at a lightning-fast pace.

It’s completely understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed by the constant influx of new terms and concepts.

No need to hit the Panic button, though!

These three new Decks have got you covered with all the essential terms you need to know right now as a marketer.

🔥 Available now with a Premium Pass >>

A quick refresher on what Cards and Decks are: 

Picture this:

You’re going about your day, and suddenly you find yourself with a few precious moments of free time.

Instead of aimlessly scrolling through your phone (even though cat memes are undeniably hilarious), you can dive into our Cards and Decks feature.

It’s like having a pocket-sized learning assistant, ready to help you master key digital marketing terms and concepts in bite-sized chunks.

Here’s how this feature works and how it helps you: 

  • You will first see a question displayed.
  • Think about the answer.
  • Feeling confident? Click on Reveal Answer to see the correct answer.

The answer will be displayed, and you can assess how well you knew the information on the Card.

And don’t worry if you don’t ace it on the first try.

Cards that feature information you didn’t quite master yet will show again until you are 100% confident in your knowledge of that topic.

Repetition really is the key to success.

This feature is available now with a Premium Pass >>

👏 Unlock the full Education Cloud PLUS experience!

A Premium Pass gives you instant access to ALL courses and ALL features inside Education Cloud PLUS, including the shiny new decks and cards we just rolled out.

In addition to the decks about Website Optimization Terms Every Marketer Should Know, you’ll also get access to a set of cards that’ll help you be fluent in SEO.

See more benefits of upgrading to a Premium Pass >>

And remember, as Warren Buffett said, “The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”

Never stop learning!

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