Why eCommerce Strategies Should Include Social Media Marketing Trends

social media marketing trands for ecommerceSocial media has been and continues to be a vortex of constant changes. Because of that, it can be quite hard to come up with an effective marketing strategy that targets the right networks. Thus, eCommerce strategies often end up getting changed.

Still, the amount of leads that come from Social Networking platforms is too good to pass up. That’s why eCommerce websites have to stay in the loop and react to new trends accordingly.

One of the main ways to promote a company on social media is through ads. However, this is actually a pretty bad marketing strategy in the long run. If you want to know why, read our article on the subject.

Without further ado, let’s see why eCommerce Strategies need to put a lot of emphasis on social media networks.


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I think it’s important to understand what a positive influence social media can have on your business. It’s the best place to connect with possible clients and raise brand awareness. You’re achieving success, one post at a time.

[sqcta text=”Besides the huge number of people who use it, it’s also important to mention that people tend to share links very often on social media. That means that if you promote yourself in a unique and approachable way, you can expect it to snowball by itself because of people sharing your content.” type=”lite”  color=”yellow”]

Another interesting and fairly new thing is the shift that consumers are currently going through. They know all too well that companies make great efforts to provide useful information on social media networks.

We can see in this infographic that more and more people started searching for products directly on social media instead of using search engines.

Social networking websites are constantly making changes and adding new features in order to help companies with their promotion strategy.

For example, Facebook has introduced a new feature called “Instant Articles” that helps establish a connection between the companies that publish articles and their readers.

Basically, social media is becoming more and more welcoming for companies that want to do their marketing there. Both the users and the networks themselves are changing in order to create better brand promotion strategies.

[bctt tweet=”eCommerce owners shouldn’t ignore social media, because they can’t count on walk-in customers.”]

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[sqcta text=”The competition is fierce, but the possibilities are worth the hassle” type=”header”  color=”gray”]

[sqcta text=”Since social media networks are constantly changing and new features that help sales keep popping up, there are a lot of opportunities for companies that want to make it big.” type=”lite”  color=”yellow”]

That also means that your competition will be bringing their A-game.

After all, with such a high chance of a new “big thing” appearing out of nowhere, you can bet that a lot of people, both companies and consumers, will be ready to jump on the bandwagon. If you’re not there in time, you stand to lose a lot of possible buyers, and I really doubt you’d like that.

I’ll give you an example.

A lot of companies are investing in new virtual reality technologies. When that tech becomes available to the general public, we’ll most likely see a whole new way of doing marketing. Maybe you could make your eCommerce website 3D to give people a real-life shopping experience. That sounds really awesome.

I expect big corporations to already be working on promoting themselves in this new medium, but you can be sure that a lot of smaller companies will also get a great deal of success by riding this wave.

It can turn into such an important thing that companies that don’t adopt new ways of promoting themselves will be left in the dust.

[sqcta text=”Well-researched eCommerce strategies help you understand what to sell and who to sell to” type=”header”  color=”gray”]

Social media is also the best place to keep your ear to the ground.

[sqcta text=” A strong presence on social media can be the key to attracting leads. Furthermore, if you have the time, you can actively search for them yourself.” type=”lite”  color=”yellow”]

News about what’s popular right now usually first spreads on social media, so it’s also a great place to help you choose new products or services that you could provide.

[bctt tweet=”Social media helps eCommerce businesses find out what is popular, not what could become popular.”]

If, for example, a lot of people are talking about some new line of clothing, eCommerce websites that sell clothes will make a lot more money by including those trends in their eCommerce strategies, especially if they place a huge emphasis on the content creation process.

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[sqcta text=”Being active on social media and interacting with your audience is a sure-fire way of knowing what you’re doing right and what you can improve. If you listen to people when they give you feedback, you can be sure that they’ll also listen to you when you give them news and information about your business.” type=”lite”  color=”yellow” ]

Don’t think it will be a walk in the park though. I’m talking about real interactions, as in your customers say something on your page or about you, and you respond. Don’t think that your clientele will feel particularly connected to you if you take more than a week to answer someone.


[sqcta text=”The Conclusion” type=”header”  color=”gray”]

[sqcta text=”As a closing statement, I’d like to say that you should try to stay up-to-date when it comes to any kind of marketing trends, not just the ones related to social media.” type=”lite”  color=”gray”]

If some relatively unknown or completely new tactic becomes popular overnight, you can be sure that it happened because it works well.

I’m not saying that you should chase every trend out there, but I’m sure that from time to time, something will come that you’ll really like and want to try. It would be a shame to overlook it or find out about it too late. Knowledge is power, right?

Now, we here at Squirrly don’t know everything about everything, but when it comes to content marketing, we really know our stuff.

If you’d like to learn how our agency can help you, you can find find out all about it in this article. Or you could talk to one of our content strategists and find out how you can enhance your content marketing strategy in 2016.

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