Hot Off the Grill: Discover 3 New Marketing Courses to Fuel Your Knowledge!

I’ve got a secret to share with you — June is hands down my favorite month of the year. 

As the smell of BBQ fills the air and the days get longer, now’s also the perfect time to fire up your digital marketing skills with some sizzling new courses!

Education Cloud PLUS has got you covered with not one, not two, but THREE new courses, all available for FREE this month!

Ready to soak up some knowledge?

Take advantage of this fresh opportunity to level up your digital marketing game by learning from these courses.

How to get started?

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  • Navigate to All Courses > 📚 Unlocked courses inside Education Cloud PLUS.
  • That’s it! You’ll be able to see all the courses available with free access this month.

With a free account, you get access to 3x free courses, every month (courses get changed by rotation). Here’s what you can learn in June 2023!

Course 1: The Rank Show 

Struggling to crack the Google code?

Join us on an exciting journey with a small marketing team that went from “Google who?” to page one success!

Uncover the secrets of SEO and learn from their triumphs, failures, and everything in between. Don’t miss out on this insider’s guide to conquering the SERPs!

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Course 2: Publish Like a Social Media Superstar 

Are your social media efforts feeling like a never-ending treadmill?

Discover the magic of automation and reclaim your precious time.

This 100% actionable VIDEO course will equip you with the superpowers to keep your feeds fresh, captivate your audience, and focus on what truly matters – building a strong relationship with your audience!

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Course 3: SEO for Shopify – How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Online Store

Calling all Shopify entrepreneurs!

Say goodbye to crickets and hello to a flood of eager shoppers. This course is your golden ticket to mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization.

From finding the perfect keywords to dodging common SEO pitfalls, we’ve got you covered!

Get ready to unleash a tidal wave of FREE traffic to your online store!

So, there you have it!

Three insight-packed courses await your curious minds inside Education Cloud PLUS.

Whether you’re a Google rookie, a social media enthusiast, or an eCommerce maverick, you can greatly benefit from taking these courses.

Remember, they are only available for FREE this month, so sign up for a free account here if you don’t already have one.

Never stop learning!

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