Ditching $4,000 USD/month Human Consultants and Getting on the 1st Page of Google with Focus Pages

Do you still think that hiring an SEO consultant or agency and paying thousands of dollars is the only way to rank your business on Google?

In this article, I’ll show you how a Squirrly SEO user managed to get on the 1st Page of Google, drive traffic to his site and reach customers – all within an impressively-short time frame and solely by using the PRO Version of our plugin.

I had SEO companies tell me they could do this but it all takes time and wanted thousands of dollars. Squirrly SEO saved me that money many times over!

Drew Spangler, Orlando Homeopathic Body Works. 

I’ll also show you some of the steps he took in order to go from struggling to get his services in front of the right people, to bringing high-converting traffic to his site.
We’ll share his journey; largely through his words.
But let’s start where it all begins. With assessing your options. 
If you’re a website/business owner trying to rank your pages on Google and get some of that sweet, sweet Search Traffic, you’ll probably find yourself having to choose from two options:

Option A (the one that is a pain in the budget)

Pay a substantial amount of money to SEO consultants and agencies.

  • According to a recent study, the average SEO consultant hourly rate worldwide as of January 2019 is $148 /hour. 
  • 55.32% of US SEO consultants charge $101-$200/hour. 
  • You don’t have to be great at math to know it can all add up to a few thousands of dollars every month.

I know, right? 

Just looking at those prices makes your budget want to grow legs and run for cover, especially since there are no real guarantees that your investment is going to pay off. 
Which leads us to (drum roll): 

Option B: 

  • The Do-it-Yourself approach. 

Which means trying to navigate the ever-changing world of SEO yourself, with all its twists and turns, and figuring out the route to better Rankings on your own. 

Option B is the one Drew Spangler, like many other bloggers and small business owners out there, end up taking.

The challenges he faced are the challenges many of you reading this probably face as well. 

As a new small business owner, Drew didn’t have thousands of dollars to pay a consultant for SEO.  

With limited funds at his disposal, he needed a way to get his business site noticed, bring more relevant Search traffic, and get customers through the door. 

So, “very quickly I had to learn to be a webmaster and SEO”, he says.

He needed to get customers that would be paying full price for his services and didn’t want to depend on a major discount of his services site for all his customers.
Drew’s business offers beauty services, such as fat reduction med spa doing laser lipo, ultrasound cavitation, and Cryolipolysis type of services.
Because of the types of services it provides and Facebook’s terms of use, it was very hard for Drew to advertise on the FB ads channel unless he was willing to settle for a very generic ad. 
So, being successful at SEO and getting his services on Google’s organic listings was particularly important for his business moving forward.
Drew was fully aware of the fact that “not being seen means no traffic for people to see what you have to offer,” and realized he needed an affordable SEO solution to help him make his business visible on Google.
So he started looking for it, but once again, he reached a roadblock. While there were many agencies that promised to help him achieve this, the cost was out of his price range. (cheapest offer: $4,000 USD / month)
Plus, many of the plugins he tried failed to live up to their promises. 
He says: 

I looked around and saw many plugins for WordPress making claims of what they could do and read the reviews. I tried a few with little or no results until I got the trial of Squirrly SEO. 

Drew Started a Squirrly SEO Free Trial, and then This Happened

Spoiler alert: SEO works – without having to pay thousands of dollars in consultancy fees. 

Within days of using Squirrly SEO, Drew started seeing his SEO performance improve and scored a major win:

I made one blog post and within days I was in the top 20 of Google. I followed everything they [Squirrly’s Focus Pages] suggested to make it green for SEO and it was super easy to do. From there, I went on to optimize my site and got into the top 20 of Google. 

Moreover, by using Squirrly SEO, Drew managed to outrank the manufacturer of a product he bought for his business (a product which is used for one of his services). That’s huge! 
Drew began getting more and more relevant traffic to his site, and soon after, the phone started ringing – with customers on the other side. 
This is the power of Search Engine Optimization done right!
In fact, it was such an impressive win that it made other businesses trying to rank for the same keywords wonder what was the secret behind Drew’s ranking success.

 One of the services I offer made me rank better in Google than the manufacturer who sold me the machine I use to do the service with. I ranked at #3 on Google and they ranked at #4. I got a call from the company due to this asking how I was ranked better than them. 

A company reached out thinking that Drew managed to rank this high through advertising – claiming that he could only do advertising through them at a whopping  $4000 a month (as per his contract). 
However, Drew let them know that his success didn’t come as a result of paid advertising and that he only used Squirrly SEO PRO to rank his pages. In doing so, Drew has found a better way to do SEO.
He’s found the way to be successful with Search Engine Optimization – without having to pay thousands of dollars to get it done by consultants. 
He did it all by himself by following the methods and tools provided by Squirrly SEO
Without paying for outside services, and without having an SEO background.
That money he saved can go into other aspects that help him grow his business – while some of his competitors are still spending their budgets on consultancy fees and services.  
By deciding to start a free trial and give Squirrly SEO a try, Drew has found a third way to do SEO – one in which you are always in control but are assisted every step of the way. 

Going Behind the Scenes of Drew's SEO Success Story

When referring to his journey towards SEO success, Drew pinpointed two essential elements that helped shape it:

seo success story

1. Keyword research

By using the Keyword Research feature from Squirrly SEO, Drew was able to find the right keywords to market his website and thus reach the people looking for the types of services that his business provides. 

Those were high-opportunity keywords with low competition that his site was able to rank for. 

You can do the same. Start a Free Trial today and find top keywords that your competitors don’t know about using Keyword Research from Squirrly SEO.

seo success story

Drew followed the framework provided by the PRO version of Focus Page by Squirrly SEO to rank his page on the 1st Page of Google. 

This proves that when you follow the right system, you can be successful with SEO, even if you don’t have extensive knowledge of how search engines work or years of experience in this field. 

When we asked Drew what is one thing that makes Squirrly SEO stand out from the rest, he told us that he was impressed by how easy it is to use and how fast it works. 

And, of course, Focus Pages also came up:

I made one blog post, and Squirrly helped me make sure all the dots were green. Within days, that post was within the top 20 of Google. That impressed me, so I went from the Trial to the PRO and has been well worth the price!

For those of you reading this who may not be familiar with Squirrly SEO, those green dots he is referring to are the tasks inside the Focus Pages section of the plugin (see a screenshot of it below). 
With this section, Squirrly SEO gives you defined steps (and SEO tools included) that you can follow to supercharge your rankings. 
Green Dots  =  Solved Tasks = Increased chances to Rank on Google 
How does this work?
For every page you want to rank on Google, Focus Pages provides a customized route to better rankings – for each one of the pages you want to rank.
So, working with Focus Pages is like having a built-in navigation system for ranking your pages. 
The route to Better Rankings is broken down into tasks that you need to solve.

There are over 54 different ranking factors that you can tweak by solving tasks and making everything Green inside Focus Pages. 
In addition to green dots, there are also Red dots.
Those represent ranking drawbacks, unresolved tasks that you need to work on turning green (by following the instructions provided). 
The more Green dots you have, the more chances a page has of ranking on Google. In this case, great wins come in small checkboxes that you’ve turned green. 

Write Your own SEO Success Story with Squirrly SEO

I started this article saying that there are two options when trying to rank your pages on Google. But the reality is that for folks like Drew who have a new business and not a whole lot of funds, the do it yourself path is the only available one

His story proves that the do-it-yourself approach works; it proves that you can drive your site to the 1st Page of Google – IF you have the right co-pilot by your side.

Drew went from struggling to bring traffic to his site to being on the 1st page of Google and having customers request his services as a result of him increasing online visibility for his business. 

His results speak volumes about the true value that Squirrly SEO provides – more so than any clever marketing tagline we can come up with. 

That’s why we wanted to share this story with you and others who feel like paying thousands of dollars is the only way to get any kind of results with SEO.  Because it’s not. 

You have to be the one taking the first step to Better Rankings, but once you do, Squirrly SEO will help you get there. 

Don’t take our word for it, take Drew’s. 

 Squirrly SEO has saved me money, has improved my business, making it grow on a very low budget while giving me amazing results.

On a more personal note, it makes me proud to work at a company that empowers people who may not have a massive budget or a lot of experience with SEO. It’s amazing to see people like Drew be successful with SEO and grow their business. 
Its’ why we started Squirrly in the first place, and why we keep pushing the limits of what it can do. 
Now, to end this article, we’ll let Drew have the final word. We asked him how he would describe Squirrly SEO to a friend. And here’s what he told us: 

Spend the money; it’s well worth the investment! If you want your site to be seen, this is the one to do it with!

About this success story: 
We reached out to Drew about him possibly sharing his SEO success story after he expressed his satisfaction with Squirrly SEO and what he was able to achieve using it. We built this article off of the genuine answers that Drew provided to our questions as part of an online interview.
Thank you, Drew, for your trust and for sharing your story with us. We know many people will benefit from this story and your insight.  
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