The Squirrly Empire Is Now Hiring StormWriters!

23 Jun 2016
| Last update: 07 Jul 2016

Long ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, a lack of quality content spread throughout the Universe. To fight against it, we have decided to enlist your help. Our goal is to find the best StormWriters out there to help us in our fight. 

Hiring Content Writers

Why be an Advertising Rebel and fight against the force of Content Marketing and Content Creation when you can join our cause as a StormWriter and do your part in restoring order to the Galaxy?

Join us, and you’ll be able to restore balance to the Content Marketing world, make an honest living, and learn how to set real aims in life.

To help persuade you, we are ready to offer you the following benefits:

  • A competitive salary, along with the chance of advancing in the chain of command
  • The possibility to set your own flexible schedule
  • 24 vacation days per year
  • Contact with a cool, welcoming team and a professional work environment focused on Online Marketing
  • The chance to improve your Writing skills and aiming
  • And most importantly, the freedom to be yourself, trooper.

Now, let’s discuss capabilities and requirements. Contrary to what Rebels would have you believe, our Company Culture is very much friendly, accommodating, and focused on entertainment to help combat stress (We all know how bad that can be for your health).

To register as a StormWriter with us, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent English skills – We prefer hiring someone who can write in English better than they can speak it
  • The ability to work a full-time schedule (8 hours/day) – Keeping the Galaxy safe is hard work, after all
  • A passion for writing and a willingness to constantly improve it and your skills
  • The ability to be a team-player and work and communicate well with your fellow StormWriters
  • Previous experience with Online Marketing would be considered a plus

We are not looking for diplomas. We are looking for talent. 

We are hiring skillful StormWriters, after all. Not StormTheoreticians.

How to Become a StormWriter – The Hiring Process

All you have to do is get in touch with us at:

[email protected]

Send us one article which details your story and background. As you well know, background checks are an important part of any screening process.

Also, send us a second article that showcases your skill as a potential StormWriter. We want to evaluate your creativity and skills, so be sure to make it online medium-friendly.

If you pass this obstacle, you will move to the next phase of the hiring process, which will take place at our Command Center in Cluj-Napoca.That is where the actual enrollment procedures will take place.

We eagerly await to see how our new recruits can help the Squirrly Empire prosper and expand.