How I Added Twitter Cards in My WordPress for Better Inbound Marketing

21 Jul 2013
| Last update: 08 Dec 2014

Inbound Marketing involves a lot of publishing and it’s good to start doing it like publishers. In this tutorial I want to show you how I added the Twitter Cards to my wordpress site.First of all, I used Squirrly SEO, of course. Don’t worry, the twitter cards option of it is and always will be free, regardless of your choice to stay free or upgrade to PRO.

Rocking Your Inbound Marketing With Awesome Twitter Cards:

1) Go to your WordPress Dashboard, at the Squirrly Tab, and click Settings. 

inbound marketing2) Add your twitter account

inbound marketing tool

Must be the same twitter account that you will use for creating your twitter cards, on Twitter 🙂

3) Click the Check Here Button 

check here( yes, it’s the same image 🙂 but the Check Here button is right there. )

4) Choose one of those types from the Card Catalogue. 

twitter cards5) Click the Validate and Apply tab. Then, input the URL of your desired wordpress site there. 

inbound twitter cards6) You will see that it started taking your site into account. Click: Request Approval 

inbound marketing tutorials7) You may need to wait for a while. Usually these get done fast ( under 1 hour), but it may take longer. I had mine validated in 2 minutes.

8) It sais that it approved your awesome website! How great is that? 

tutorial9) Tweet one of your links and look how awesome it’s displayed. 

twitter card tips
tweet card
Now you’re ready to do way more professional inbound marketing and attract customers with Twitter.

Also, inbound marketing or not, look how awesome it is. I’ve embedded it below:


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